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Haute Cuisine - Nun

The food dishes presented in this movie will make you quench for a flavoursome beer like the Nun. Furthermore the narrative flow of the story about the first female chef at the head of the French president’s kitchen will need a beer that drinks the same way.

For 4 people

4 duck legs

40g butter

1 onion, peeled and finely chopped

500ml Nun

5 tbsp. cream

1 tbsp. neutral oil (sunflower)

1 tbsp. sifted flour

5cl eau-de-vie

2 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed

1 carrot, peeled and sliced up

1 bouquet garni

6 juniper berries

Salt & Pepper

¥Completely rub the duck legs with flour

¥Heat up the butter and oil in a pressure cooker. Add the duck legs and stir them constantly for 2-3 min.

¥Season and add the crushed garlic, chopped onion, the sliced carrot, the bouquet garni and the juniper berries.

¥Mix everthing up and braise on a high heat for 4-6 min while stiring.

¥Mix in the beer and eau-de-vie.

¥Close the pressure cooker and turn the heat down to medium. Let it cook for 25 min once the pressure valve is active.

¥Depressurize the cooker and open it

¥Take out the duck legs and keep them warm by covering them with aluminum foil.

¥Filter the leftover liquid in the cooker through a chinois and add it back to the cooker.

¥Add the cream to the cooker and bring it to a gentle boil while stiring. Let it reduce to a third on a low head and constant stir.

¥Season according to whish.

This dish needs to be served quickly on a warm plate, add the duck leg and dress it with the sauce, together with spaetzle (Alsace pasta) fried in butter.

Cooking with beer...

The flying Nun

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Herbs and Spices in Brewing

  1. The use of herbs is still very common in beers, partly because the culture is used to having herbs and spices in beer and recipes or to cover up changes in flavour. An example of the first can be found in countries with a UK background where you find a variety of ginger ...

  2. Herbs/spices are added to create a certain sent and flavour, the aroma is carried through the alcohol in the beer. The alcohol in the beer is released by the foam on top of the beer, it is thus to the interest of the flavours to create a beer that has a nice and stable head...

  3. In most cases herbs/spices are added during the boiling process and most commonly during the last 15 minutes of the boiling. The boiling process will optimise the release of the herb’s aroma and yet not evaporate completely...

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Iron Man 3 - Oompa Loompa

A movie about a man trying to discover “does the suit make the man or the man makes the suit”. Well the Oompa Loompa suits everybody and this movie to the teeth. The third in the iron man series, where Stark is stripped of everything and has to crawl his way out of it.

Gatsby - Jay Cee

A movie  with this charisma and atmosphere needs a beer with complexity to match. A combination of Titanic and Moulin Rouge, including the fantastic camera work. Unlike the Jay Cee the movie shows that lavish is not always that great.

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