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Dry blond ale

The dry summer will be calling for the dryness of this beer, obtained by using spelt and rice flakes and enforced through the coriander and cardamom. The Pacifica hops together with the herbs create a candy fruitiness.


Amber wheat beer

A pale ale wheat beer with enough malt flavour to carry the 35 IBU hopiness. This is our answer to the popular IPA without turning it in to a hop juice. The beer is hopped with three different bitter hops, aroma hops and dry hops. A beer that feels like an off-piste ride at TC.

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What’s on

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   We have now our new funky flavours ready, so go and check them out. Apart from the two already on the top we also have

    The Black Peak Coffee Stout and the Alpine Miere

    You can also book a brewery tour ahead of your holiday in Central Otago and The Lakes District

    As of end of March our Brewer’s Selection will be available on the Swiss market.

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  2. 15 Mar 2014

Auckland Beer Festival

  1. 29 Mar 2014

Great Kiwi Beer Festival