Beer isn’t just a drink, it is a culture. It’s a drink with a vast history, social background and controversy. It is still the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world.

The way beer has become part of society has several historical reasons. It is still unclear if the first beer made in Mesopotamia was an accident/scientific fluke or a knowledgeable attempt to make an alcoholic beverage. However, it was probably the inebriated effect of beer that made the Gallic and Germanic tribes such fearless opponents of the Romans (unfortunately we still see these effects even today by undiscerned beer drinkers). Beer became even more a part of social life as it became the alternative for contaminated water in the middle ages, because beer goes through a boiling process. While beer is part of society it has always been more of a drink for the less wealthy and associated with the more dilapidated side of the community.

As brewers of craft beer we care about which position beer takes in our society and the way people appreciate beer. Our focus is more on flavours rather than mass production and getting as much volume out  as possible. This allows us also to associate these flavours with certain atmospheres and combine it with other flavours. Hence, we created this section of the website to introduce you to a broader aspect of the beer culture.

We have three main sections here to let you discover the beauty of beer and the possibilities of proper beer culture. On the Beer & Food page you will find several recipes that use beer as one of the ingredients. The Beer & Movies page associates beer tastes with the aura of certain movies. We also have an educational section with white papers on the history and in-depth information about several brewing/beer aspects.